Plastica Italia Plastica Italia
Materiali in p.v.c. - polietilene - polipropilene - raccorderie particolari
sistemi di irrigazione - serbatoi in polietilene - pompe e sistemi

About us

Our firm, constituted in the month of September of 1995, you/he/she is founded by deriving partners by an experience in the sector of the distribution of products ended in plastic subjects.

We occupy, in operation of a sale both to I thicken him that to the detail, a structure in location of around 3000 mqs. in seed-outskirts.

Plastica Italia manages a commerce of everything how much related to the transport of the air, water and gas, idro-therm-sanitary fixtures and fittings, Air conditionation, boilers, radiators, mixer tap, solutions of automatic irrigation, pipes, valves and special fitting, systems for the purification, elettric pumps and accumulations, equipments and accessories.
Produced that find employment in the industrial sectors, building, agricultural, aqueductistic, chemical.

For the future the breve objectives term I am: to increase the sales to the detail, strengthening the sector gardening, and to consolidate the presence on the foreign markets with particular reference to the area balcan and in Albania, where present are with supplies of our products since November 1996 in the sector aqueductistic with exclusive of primary Firms.

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